Mule for
the planet

Sending parcels has a massive environmental impact. With Mule, every parcel sent is carbon neutral!


The climate emergency

1. Sea levels are rising at the fastest rate in 3,000 years, an average of 3mm per year.

2. Average wildlife populations have dropped by 60% in just over 40 years.

3. 120,000 square kilometres of tropical forest were lost in 2018, the equivalent of 30 football pitches per minute.


Important information

1. The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global emissions. At 1.2 billion tonnes, that is more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.

2. If everyone in the UK bought one used item of clothing per year instead of a new one, it would be the same as taking 100,000 cars off the roads for a year.

3. 7% of global emissions are from goods being transported.


Our environmental guarantee

We know the world is facing a huge problem. Which is why Mule has committed to offsetting the carbon impact from every parcel you send with us.

We only contribute to schemes accredited by the Gold Standard, the highest verification of carbon offsetting. This includes projects such as providing fuel efficient stoves for women in Sudan and providing borehole renovation for clean water in Uganda so contaminated water doesn't need to be boiled before drinking.

We understand that carbon off-setting is not the answer to climate change. Much more innovation needs to occur to reach the goals that have been set.

To name a few, the freight industry needs to accelerate its use of electric vehicles in the UK and globally. The movement away from fast fashion and into recycling old clothes and products must grow. Consumers must increasingly demand more green products and services from companies.

Unfortunately, we don't have the power of a government or a large corporation to make a change. But, we do have the ability to make an impact by carbon offsetting all your parcels.

Businesses should do more than just trying to turn a profit. We believe businesses and the people inside them have a greater ability to create change than anything else in the world.

Mule your parcels now and help save the environment.